From Adam & Eve through Abraham and Moses past the days of King David!

Chronology - Genealogy of the Jewish Bible

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Explanation: Understanding the different date conventions
1. The first 26 generations from Creation
2. The Judges
3. The Kings of Judah
4. The Kings of Israel after Split of Kingdom
5. Events from Creation till completion of Second Temple
6. Events from destruction of Second Temple till present day
7. Famous Jewish Sages

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First 26 generations from Creation

Name Years from
Greg. Date
(Jewish Trad.)
Greg. Date
(Chr. Trad.)
Born Died Born Died Born Died  
Adam09303760 BCE2830 BCE3924 BCE2994 BCE930
Seth13010423630 BCE2718 BCE3794 BCE2882 BCE912
Enosh23511403525 BCE2620 BCE3689 BCE2784 BCE905
Kenan32512353435 BCE2525 BCE3599 BCE2689 BCE910
Mahalalel39512903365 BCE2470 BCE3529 BCE2634 BCE895
Jared46014223300 BCE2338 BCE3464 BCE2502 BCE962
Enoch6229873138 BCE2773 BCE3302 BCE2937 BCE365
Methuselah68716563073 BCE2104 BCE3237 BCE2268 BCE969
Lamech87416512886 BCE2109 BCE3050 BCE2273 BCE777
Noach105620082704 BCE1752 BCE2868 BCE1916 BCE952
Shem155821582202 BCE1602 BCE2366 BCE1766 BCE600
Arpachshad165820962102 BCE1664 BCE2266 BCE1828 BCE438
Shelah169321262067 BCE1634 BCE2231 BCE1798 BCE433
Eber172321872037 BCE1573 BCE2201 BCE1737 BCE464
Peleg175719962003 BCE1764 BCE2167 BCE1928 BCE239
Reu178720261973 BCE1734 BCE2137 BCE1898 BCE239
Serug181920491941 BCE1711 BCE2105 BCE1875 BCE230
Nahor184919971911 BCE1763 BCE2075 BCE1927 BCE148
Terach187820831882 BCE1677 BCE2046 BCE1841 BCE205
Abraham194821231812 BCE1637 BCE1976 BCE1801 BCE175
Isaac204822281712 BCE1532 BCE1876 BCE1696 BCE180
Jacob210822551652 BCE1505 BCE1816 BCE1669 BCE147
Levi219523321565 BCE1428 BCE1729 BCE1592 BCE137
Kehath223623691524 BCE1391 BCE1688 BCE1555 BCE133
Amram225523921505 BCE1368 BCE1669 BCE1532 BCE137
Moshe236824881392 BCE1272 BCE1556 BCE1436 BCE120

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Years of ruling of the Judges

Name Years from
Greg. Date
(Jewish Trad.)
Greg. Date
(Chr. Trad.)
Started Ceased StartedCeasedStartedCeased 
Othniel251625561244 BCE1204 BCE1408 BCE1368 BCE40
Ehud257326541187 BCE1106 BCE1351 BCE1270 BCE81
Shamgar265126541109 BCE1106 BCE1273 BCE1270 BCE3
Deborah263626761124 BCE1084 BCE1288 BCE1248 BCE40
Gideon267627161084 BCE1044 BCE1248 BCE1208 BCE40
Abimelech271627191044 BCE1041 BCE1208 BCE1205 BCE3
Tola271927421041 BCE1018 BCE1205 BCE1182 BCE23
Jair274227641018 BCE996 BCE1182 BCE1160 BCE22
Jepthath27812787979 BCE973 BCE1143 BCE1137 BCE6
Ibzan27872793973 BCE967 BCE1137 BCE1131 BCE6
Elon27932803967 BCE957 BCE1131 BCE1121 BCE10
Abdon28032811957 BCE949 BCE1121 BCE1113 BCE8
Samson28112831949 BCE929 BCE1113 BCE1093 BCE20
Eli the High Priest28312871929 BCE889 BCE1093 BCE1053 BCE40
Samuel the Prophet28712882889 BCE878 BCE1053 BCE1042 BCE11

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Years of reign of Saul, David, Salomon and the Kings of Judah

Name Years from
Greg. Date
(Jewish Trad.)
Greg. Date
(Chr. Trad.)
Started Ceased StartedCeasedStartedCeased 
(United Kingdom)
28822884878 BCE876 BCE1042 BCE1040 BCE2
(United Kingdom)
28842924876 BCE836 BCE1040 BCE1000 BCE40
(United Kingdom)
29242964836 BCE796 BCE1000 BCE960 BCE40
Kingdom split:
hence Kings of Judah

29642981796 BCE779 BCE960 BCE943 BCE17
Abijam29812983779 BCE777 BCE943 BCE941 BCE2
Asa29833024777 BCE736 BCE941 BCE900 BCE41
Jehoshaphat30243048736 BCE712 BCE900 BCE876 BCE24
Jehoram30473055713 BCE705 BCE877 BCE869 BCE8
Ahaziah30553056705 BCE704 BCE869 BCE868 BCE1
Athaliah30563061704 BCE699 BCE868 BCE863 BCE5
Joash30613100699 BCE660 BCE863 BCE824 BCE39
Amaziah31003129660 BCE631 BCE824 BCE795 BCE29
Uzziah31153167645 BCE593 BCE809 BCE757 BCE52
Jotham31673183593 BCE577 BCE757 BCE741 BCE16
Ahaz31833199577 BCE561 BCE741 BCE725 BCE16
Hezekiah31993228561 BCE532 BCE725 BCE696 BCE29
Manasseh32283283532 BCE477 BCE696 BCE641 BCE55
Amon32833285477 BCE475 BCE641 BCE639 BCE2
Josiah32853316475 BCE444 BCE639 BCE608 BCE31
Jehoahaz (3 months)33163316444 BCE444 BCE608 BCE608 BCE0
Jehoiakim33163327444 BCE433 BCE608 BCE597 BCE11
Jehoiachin (3 months)33273327433 BCE433 BCE597 BCE597 BCE0
Zedekiah33273338433 BCE422 BCE597 BCE586 BCE11
Judah Falls
to Romans
33383338422 BCE422 BCE586 BCE586 BCE0

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Years of reign of the Kings of Israel (after the split)

Name Years from
Greg. Date
(Jewish Trad.)
Greg. Date
(Chr. Trad.)
Started Ceased StartedCeasedStartedCeased 
Jeroboam I29642985796 BCE775 BCE960 BCE939 BCE21
Nadab29852986775 BCE774 BCE939 BCE938 BCE1
Baasha29863009774 BCE751 BCE938 BCE915 BCE23
Elah30093010751 BCE750 BCE915 BCE914 BCE1
Zimri (7 days)30103010750 BCE750 BCE914 BCE914 BCE0
Omri30103021750 BCE739 BCE914 BCE903 BCE11
Ahab30213042739 BCE718 BCE903 BCE882 BCE21
Ahaziah30413043719 BCE717 BCE883 BCE881 BCE2
Jehoram30433055717 BCE705 BCE881 BCE869 BCE12
Jehu30553083705 BCE677 BCE869 BCE841 BCE28
Jehoahaz30833100677 BCE660 BCE841 BCE824 BCE17
Joash (2 yrs with Jehoahaz)30983114662 BCE646 BCE826 BCE810 BCE16
Jeroboam II31143154646 BCE606 BCE810 BCE770 BCE40
Zechariah (6 months)31543154606 BCE606 BCE770 BCE770 BCE0
Shallum (1 month)31543154606 BCE606 BCE770 BCE770 BCE0
Menahem31543164606 BCE596 BCE770 BCE760 BCE10
Pekahiah31643167596 BCE593 BCE760 BCE757 BCE3
Pekah31673187593 BCE573 BCE757 BCE737 BCE20
Hoshea31873205573 BCE555 BCE737 BCE719 BCE18
Samaria Falls32053205555 BCE555 BCE719 BCE719 BCE0

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Events from Creation till completion of the Second Temple

Event Years from
Greg. Date
(Jewish Trad.)
Greg. Date
(Chr. Trad.)
Creation03760 BCE3924 BCE
Adam created03760 BCE3924 BCE
Cain slays Abel413719 BCE3883 BCE
Noach born10562704 BCE2868 BCE
The Great Flood starts16562104 BCE2268 BCE
End of the Great Flood after 365 days16572103 BCE2267 BCE
Abraham born19481812 BCE1976 BCE
Tower of Babel smashed, mankind dispersed19961764 BCE1928 BCE
Covenant between G-d and Abraham20181742 BCE1906 BCE
Isaac born20481712 BCE1876 BCE
Isaac's sacrifice20851675 BCE1839 BCE
Jacob born21081652 BCE1816 BCE
Joseph sold by his brothers and sent to Egypt22161544 BCE1708 BCE
Jacob moves to Egypt and joins Joseph22381522 BCE1686 BCE
Moshe born23681392 BCE1556 BCE
Exodus from Egypt, Torah given on Sinai24481312 BCE1476 BCE
Joshua leads the Jewish people into Canaan24881272 BCE1436 BCE
King Saul annointed2881879 BCE1043 BCE
King David annointed2883877 BCE1041 BCE
King Salomon begins to rule2924836 BCE1000 BCE
Building First Temple commenced2928832 BCE996 BCE
First Temple completed2935825 BCE989 BCE
Split of into two Kingdoms: Israel and Judea2964796 BCE960 BCE
Fall of Kingdom of Israel, 10 tribes exiled3205555 BCE719 BCE
First Temple destroyed, Babylonian exile starts3338422 BCE586 BCE
Second Temple erected3408352 BCE516 BCE

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Events from destruction of the Second Temple till present day

Event Year since Creation
(Jew. Trad.)
Year since Creation
(Chr. Trad.)
Gregorian Date
(Jew. & Chr.)
Destruction of the Second Temple3828399468 CE (Jew.)
70 CE (Chr.)
Mishna compiled by Rebbi39794143219 CE
Jerusalem Talmud compiled by Rabbi Yochanan41284292368 CE
Babylonian Talmud compiled by Rav Ashi42604424500 CE
Birth of Rashi480049641040 CE
Birth of Rambam489150551131 CE
Revelation of the Zohar503051941270 CE
Inquisition established in Spain524054041480 CE
Expulsion of Jews from Spain525254161492 CE
Ottoman Turks conquer Land of Israel527654401516 CE
Shulchan Aruch published by Rabbi Karo532454881564 CE
Death of the Baal Shem Tov552056841760 CE
First Zionist Congress565758211897 CE
British conquer Land of Israel, Balfour Decl.567758411917 CE
Holocaust begins569958631939 CE
Holocaust ends570558691945 CE
Declaration of State of Israel570858721948 CE
Six Day War572758911967 CE
Yom Kippur War573358971973 CE
Israel - Egypt Peace Treaty573959031979 CE
Israel - Jordan Peace Treaty575559191995 CE
Jan 1, 2010577059342010 CE
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Famous Jewish Sages

Name Gregorian Date
(Jew. & Chr. Trad.)
Years from Creation
(Jewish Trad.)
Years from Creation
(Chr. Trad.)
Born DiedBornDiedBornDied 
Rabenu Gershom960 CE1040 CE472048004884496480
Shmuel HaNagid993 CE1055 CE475348154917497962
R. Yitschak Alfasi1013 CE1103 CE477348634937502790
R. Shlomo Ibn Gvirol1021 CE1070 CE478148304945499449
R. Natan ben Yehiel (Ha-Aruch)1035 CE1106 CE479548664959503071
Rashi (R. Shlomo Yitschaki)1040 CE1105 CE480048654964502965
R. Moshe Ibn Ezra1070 CE1139 CE483048994994506369
Rashbam (R. Shmuel ben Meir1085 CE1175 CE484549355009509990
R. Yehuda Halevi1085 CE1146 CE484549065009507061
R. Abraham Ibn Ezra1092 CE1167 CE485249275016509175
Rabenu Tam (R. Yacob ben Meir)1100 CE1170 CE486049305024509470
Ravad (R. Abraham ben David1110 CE1180 CE487049405034510470
Rambam (R. Moshe ben Maimon1135 CE1204 CE489549645059512869
Radak (R. David Kimchi)1160 CE1232 CE492049925084515672
R. Benjamin mi-Toledo1160 CE1223 CE492049835084514763
Ramban (R. Moshe ben Nachman)1194 CE1270 CE495450305118519476
Maharam (R. Meir Rotenberg)1230 CE1293 CE499050535154521763
Rashba (R. Shlomo ben Aderet)1235 CE1310 CE499550705159523475
R. Abraham Abulafia1240 CE1291 CE500050515164521551
Rosh (R. Asher ben Yehiel)1250 CE1328 CE501050885174525278
Baal Ha-Turim (R. Yacob ben Asher1280 CE1340 CE504051005204526460
Ralbag (R. Levi ben Gershom)1288 CE1370 CE504851305212529482
Ha-Rivash (R. Yitschak Barsheshet)1310 CE1406 CE507051665234533096
Baal Ha-Ikarim (R. Josef Albo)1380 CE1444 CE514052045304536864
Yitschak Abarbanel1437 CE1508 CE519752685361543271
Abraham Zacutto1450 CE1515 CE521052755374543965
Ovadia Bartenura1450 CE1520 CE521052805374544470
Baal Ein Yacob (R. Yacob ben Haviv)1460 CE1516 CE522052765384544056
Baal Beit Josef (R. Josef Karo)1488 CE1575 CE524853355412549987
Maharal mi Prague (R. Liva ben Betsalel)1505 CE1609 CE5265536954295533104
Maharshal (R. Shlomo Luria)1510 CE1574 CE527053345434549864
Baal Maor Einayim (R. Azaria min HaAdumim)1513 CE1578 CE527353385437550265
Rama (R. Moshe Isserlitz)1520 CE1572 CE528053325444549652
Ha-Ari (R. Yitschak Luria)1534 CE1572 CE529453325458549638
Baal Tsemach David (R. David Ganz1541 CE1613 CE530153735465553772
R. Israel Baal Shem Tov1698 CE1760 CE545855205622568462
Gaon mi-Vilna (R. eliyahu)1720 CE1798 CE548055585644572278
Ha-Chida (R. Haim Josef David Azulai)1727 CE1806 CE548755665651573079

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